Doctor Who Visits Waring House in Bristol.

Delighted to see one of my favourite buildings featured in Doctor Who this weekend, Waring House in the Redcliffe area of Bristol. As a huge Doctor Who fan (I also worked in a Tardis for 4 years) I thought I’d take the opportunity to stick up some of my photos, drawings and fabric samples inspired by this great structure.

Front View

Internal Courtyard

Whoops. Accidentally took a photo of some of the residents having a chat on the balcony.

One of the first collages I created, Looking for shapes and structures to develop into woven cloth.

Initial fabric sample using some of the elements from Waring House. Complicated Triple cloth design using silk, Wool, Cotton and Mono Fillaments.

Lovely Original Tiles.

Drawing of Tiles.

Learning the basic double cloth structure to recreate the shapes in the tiles.

The plaque for when the estate opened in 1960.

Working in the Tardis in Glasgow.

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    Reblogging entirely for the “Coppuccino” Police Box coffee stand in Glasgow. That is far and away the most epic thing...
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